Grand Tower

Europa-Allee 2, 60327 Frankfurt am Main,  Frankfurt
Country: Germany
Property Ref: 169

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  • Internal Area:
    652 - 1,170 Sq Ft

  • Asking Price:
    576,400 - 864,988 EUR
    (est. 5,532,257 - 8,302,110 HKD)

  • Property Type:


Grand Tower is an outstanding
development and is the most exciting
residential building in Germany at
the present time. The project has a
unique European character and is
set in the international metropolis of
Frankfurt, home to more than 200
banks, international companies and
the European Central Bank. Grand
Tower marks the beginning of Europa-
Allee - the so-called European Quarter.
Located close to the CBD, a mere ten
minutes walk, and fi ve minutes from
the main railroad station, Grand Tower
is easily accessible for all residents.
The 172-meter-high building has 47
fl oors containing 401 apartments,
making it the tallest building to consist
entirely of apartments from top to bottom
in all of Germany.


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Property Details
Property Ref
Internal Area
External Area
Asking Price
Asking Price / Sq Ft
Property Ref199754 Internal Area652 Sq Ft -- Asking Price 576,400 EUR
(est. 5,532,257 HKD)
Asking Price / Sq Ft884 EUR Bedroom(s)1 -- --
Property Ref199755 Internal Area888 Sq Ft -- Asking Price 660,083 EUR
(est. 6,335,442 HKD)
Asking Price / Sq Ft743 EUR Bedroom(s)2 -- --
Property Ref199756 Internal Area1,170 Sq Ft -- Asking Price 864,988 EUR
(est. 8,302,110 HKD)
Asking Price / Sq Ft739 EUR Bedroom(s)3 -- --