Goodluck Hope

Orchard Pl, Poplar,  London
Country: UK
Property Ref: 197

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  • Internal Area:
    544 - 1,195 Sq Ft

  • Asking Price:
    473,500 - 1,110,000 GBP
    (est. 5,110,515 - 11,980,299 HKD)

  • Property Type:


Ballymore and KFI launches Goodluck hope, a new riverside neighbourhood Comprising of 804 homes located directly on the River Thames at the historic Leamouth Peninsula. Surrounded by water on three sides, the area has a strong maritime heritage and inspired by this Ballymore will forge a new neighbourhood, which will transform the area into the epicentre of culture and creativity in East London.


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Property Details
Property Ref
Internal Area
External Area
Asking Price
Asking Price / Sq Ft
Property Ref225161 Internal Area549 Sq Ft External Area54 Sq Ft Asking Price 473,500 GBP
(est. 5,141,243 HKD)
Asking Price / Sq Ft862 GBP Bedroom(s)1 -- --
Property Ref225162 Internal Area843 Sq Ft External Area74 Sq Ft Asking Price 709,500 GBP
(est. 7,703,721 HKD)
Asking Price / Sq Ft842 GBP Bedroom(s)2 -- --
Property Ref225163 Internal Area1,195 Sq Ft External Area74 Sq Ft Asking Price 1,110,000 GBP
(est. 12,052,333 HKD)
Asking Price / Sq Ft929 GBP Bedroom(s)3 -- --
Property Ref225473 Internal Area544 Sq Ft External Area56 Sq Ft Asking Price 616,000 GBP
(est. 6,688,502 HKD)
Asking Price / Sq Ft1,132 GBP Bedroom(s)1 -- --