Prince of Wales Drive

Battersea, London SW8,  London
Country: UK
Property Ref: 93

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  • Internal Area:
    633 - 2,045 Sq Ft

  • Asking Price:
    760,000 - 2,695,000 GBP
    (est. 8,009,965 - 28,403,756 HKD)

  • Property Type:


Prince of Wales Drive will create 839 one, two and
three-bedroom homes in Battersea, and offers a distinct quality of design that draws inspiration from the
location’s industrial heritage – showcased through bespoke interiors and re-purposed, restored statement
features created from the original gasworks which once stood on site.


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Property Details
Property Ref
Internal Area
External Area
Asking Price
Asking Price / Sq Ft
Property Ref191814 Internal Area735 Sq Ft -- Asking Price 960,000 GBP
(est. 9,124,906 HKD)
Asking Price / Sq Ft1,306 GBP Bedroom(s)2 -- --
Property Ref191815 Internal Area735 Sq Ft -- Asking Price 970,000 GBP
(est. 9,219,957 HKD)
Asking Price / Sq Ft1,320 GBP Bedroom(s)2 -- --
Property Ref191816 Internal Area735 Sq Ft -- Asking Price 980,000 GBP
(est. 9,315,008 HKD)
Asking Price / Sq Ft1,333 GBP Bedroom(s)2 -- --
Property Ref224485 Internal Area633 Sq Ft External Area76 Sq Ft Asking Price 760,000 GBP
(est. 8,009,965 HKD)
Asking Price / Sq Ft1,201 GBP Bedroom(s)1 -- --
Property Ref224486 Internal Area766 Sq Ft External Area63 Sq Ft Asking Price 995,000 GBP
(est. 10,486,730 HKD)
Asking Price / Sq Ft1,299 GBP Bedroom(s)2 -- --
Property Ref224487 Internal Area2,045 Sq Ft External Area134 Sq Ft Asking Price 2,695,000 GBP
(est. 28,403,756 HKD)
Asking Price / Sq Ft1,318 GBP Bedroom(s)3 -- --